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Hair Extension Damage

Badly fitted hair extensions can cause traction alopecia and, in recent years, the media has increasingly highlighted various celebrities suffering from the condition after hair extension use.

The prolonged traction (or stress on the hair) loosens the hair from its follicular roots and eventually, if not recognised early, the prolonged traction causes irreversible traction alopecia.

In addition, breakage of the hair close to the root can result, particularly when individual glued or bonded hair extensions fall out or are "lost". 

The removal of bonded or glued hair extensions is generally undertaken using the combination of an acetone-like chemical and a pair of flat pliers.  

The hair is "picked at" - a bit like removing chewing gum - to remove the extension and, of course, if not done by someone particularly skilled in removal, can also result in damage or breakage.

And, because the natural hair without extensions looks so different - particularly where breakage has occured - some girls become trapped in an endless cycle of damaging hair extension application because they "can't bear" to see their hair without the extensions.

Of course, any hair extension method in the wrong hands has the potential for damage, particularly when too much extension hair is applied to too little of your own hair.

In recent years, there's been an increase in methods using clips or rings that are used to "clamp" the extension hair to the existing hair.  By their nature, these too can cause breakage and traction alopecia.

This condition must be recognised early and, either hair extension use should be stopped or an alternative and less stressful method used to prevent continued breakage; or, worse, potential permanent hair loss.

How we can help

We have a great deal of experience with traction alopecia, seeing a particular increase in clients visiting us after hair loss or breakage caused by badly fitted human hair extensions or "hair additions".

In most cases, where suitable, we can use carefully applied, super-light  Mark Glenn hair extensions as a temporary measure whilst your hair grows back.  Or as a safer, long-term way of achieving longer or thicker hair.

We use a hand-made fibre that's half the weight of human hair and applied without the use of any chemicals, bonding solutions, glue, threads or clips either during application or removal.  

You can learn lots more about our method and its benefits on our hair extensions frequently asked questions page.

Even our own method, if applied incorrectly or to hair that's unsuitable, has the potential to cause traction alopecia so we're always very careful to ensure your suitability as well as applying the extensions in such a way that damaged or broken hair can recover.

Alternatively, where the loss is more substantial or thought to be permanent, our more advanced Kinsey System for female hair loss may be more appropriate.

We can advise accordingly during a free consultation at our London studio.

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