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QIs it like a wig? Will it fall off?


No and no! 

You can't remove it yourself. Unlike a wig or hairpiece, you don't "take it off" at night, or before you get in the shower; you don't need to "dress" it etc.  Once it's there, you can forget about it - to all intents and purposes, you have a full head of hair.

The system is integrated into your existing hair so it becomes a part of you. This means that you can wash and style it just like you would a normal head of hair; you can swim, go out in the wind and rain etc. all without fear of detection. 

And because we only work on the specific area of hair loss - e.g. the top of your head - your existing, healthy hair is incorporated into the overall style. 

This results in a beautifully natural look - with your own hair intermingling with our system - and undetectable from the real thing. In fact, if someone was to pull on your hair it'll feel just like someone pulling on your natural hair.

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